Client: Summit Search Group - Matt Erhard and Gail Eckert Date: 03/27/18 Job: Executive Portraits Location: Cory Aronec Photography Studios Production: Dan Menheer Makeup: Make Beauty Co. Task: To provide images new Executive Portraits for their Website and other Social Media. Are you and your team looking for new Executive Portraits but you can't make it to our studios? We...
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Client: The University of Winnipeg - PACE Date: 03/01/18 & 03/21/18 Job: Executive Portraits Completed: 04/17/18 Location: Buhler Centre Assistant: Becks Makeup: Rhiana Task: To provide new Environmental Executive Portraits for Billboard Ads, Promo Material and Website.  
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Client: FGI - Fort Garry Industries Date: 02/06/18 Job: Executive Portraits Completed: 02/14/18 Location: Client's Office - Boardroom Task: To provide new and update current Executive Portraits.    
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This ‘Executive Portrait of the week’ is for SHE Day 2018 Headshot Lounge. What a spectacular turn out as we had just over SEVEN hours and like a well oiled machine @redphotoco @cory_aronec_photography and @madebeautyco were able to capture over 475 headshots. Thank you to @shedaymanitoba for allow us to be apart for the 4th year in a row....
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This ‘Executive Portrait of the Week’ is of the Women from Athena’s Leadership. Over the past several years I have been fortunate to photograph and create some incredible Executive Portraits for theses ladies I can’t wait to show off. Makeup by Made Beauty Co.  Nancy Dutiaume @madebeautyco and Rachel Tadeuszow @ractadmua and of course the...
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